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 2917 Morrison Rd W, University Place, WA 98466   |   253-565-9278

We are People who Care about the world we are giving to future generations.


At Tahoma Audubon We. . .

  • Provide environmental education programs for youth & adults. 
  • Advocatefonatural resource conservation.
  • Createfree wildlife viewing & volunteer habitat stewardship opportunities.
  • OperatetheAdriana Hess Audubon Center - a community hub for volunteering and lifelong learning.

We Invite You To Learn More and Get Involved!

Schedule a Presentation for your group to learn more. A member of our speaker's bureau will be happy to come to your community group, club, civic or faith-based organization or business to tell you more about what Tahoma Audubon does in Pierce County and how you can get involved. 


Read The Towhee  - Our award-winning bi-monthly newsletter. Tahoma Audubon members receive a newspaper print copy of The Towhee in the mail. Thanks to our dedicated Towhee mailing crew volunteers who always have fun getting the job done!  

Find out what's happening at Adriana Hess Audubon Center this month. Everything from field trips to classes to membership programs and committee meetings are posted on our calendar and published on the last page of The Towhee.

Community Science - Lifelong learning for all ages, citizen science connects people to nature on observational roles and the information gathered is shared with scientists, policy makers, academics and more.                            

Bird Watching - Whether you are new to bird watching - or "birding" as we like to call it - or you are a master birder, you'll find helpful online resources that can help you study, identify, and appreciate local birds and birds from around the world.

Conservation has no party. Our members represent the broad spectrum of political parties. We do not endorse candidates. We work on issues.

We are a member-driven and volunteer run grassroots organization that strives to connect people with nature. Our members, volunteers, staff, and partners work together to make a positive difference in the lives of people, birds, and wildlife in Pierce County while protecting habitats for future generations.

The mission of Tahoma Audubon is to connect people with birds, other wildlife and their habitats through conservation, education, and recreation.            

From the original 150 members in 1969, we have grown to over 600 chapter members and nearly 3,000 National Audubon Society members. We serve all of Pierce County, WA.

The organization’s volunteer committees accomplish much of our work: 
  • Publish our award-winning bimonthly newsletter, The Towhee
  • Run education programs, lead field trips, and monthly membership forums
  • Participate in Birdathon, organize volunteers, governance, take policy positions, and ensure financial sustainability
Committees with  current volunteer opportunities include:
  • Conservation, Co-chairs - Kirk Kirkland and Bruce Hoeft
  • Finance, Chair - Joel Chang
  • Governance, Members- Margie Shea, Jerry Broadus, and Marsha Williams
  • Membership, Chair - Margie Shea
  • Thelma Gilmur Education Committee, Chair - Marsha Williams

The board of directors affirmed our chapter's support for and alignment with National Audubon Society's Statement on Diversity and Inclusion, at the February 2015 board meeting. Our commitment is also reflected in our current 2014-17 Strategic Plan.

Download and read our 2016 Annual Report or current newsletter.

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