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Poetry in the Park!

Tahoma Audubon Society will connect people with nature through its 2nd Annual Poetry in the Park event and new poetry installations in local parks.

            Patterned after the North Olympic Peninsula’s poetry walks on Olympic National Park trails, our project will install 5 poems in each of 4 parks: Adriana Hess Wetland, Thelma Gilmur, Snake Lake, and Morse Wildlife Preserve. The poems will be printed on durable material, mounted on frames, and installed along park trails from March 31 through May 31, 2018. We hope the poetry signs will encourage walkers to pause, read the poems, and reflect on the magic of the natural world.

            Sponsors are needed for the poetry signs. Each $50 sponsorship will help us to cover the costs for printing and mounting a sign.  Sponsors will select a poem from the list below. Since there are 20 poems available for sponsorship this year, call the Tahoma Audubon office (253-565-9278) and state your request with the front desk volunteer or by voice mail message.  This is a first come/first served opportunity to sponsor a specific poem.

            Sponsors have three choices for identifying the selected poem. 1 &2: “Sponsored by (your name) in honor of ____________ or in memory of_____________.”  Or 3: “Sponsored by an anonymous donor.” The brief sponsorship message will be printed on the poetry sign. It will be nice to walk the poetry trails and see the sponsorships with family and friends.

            The following titles and poets are available. You can read them online by following this link. The highlighted poems have already been sponsored.

* = People’s Choice Poems, selected from online voting; the rest selected by volunteer committee)

To be located at Adriana Hess Wetland Park

“With Flowers” by Emily Elizabeth Dickinson*

“Trees” by W.S. Merwin

“A Minor Bird” by Robert Frost

"April Rain Song" by Langston Hughes

"Be Mine, Honeybee" by Carol Murrey

To be located at Snake Lake

“How I Go to the Woods” by Mary Oliver*

“Afternoon on a Hill” by Edna St. Vincent Millay

“The Duck” by Ogden Nash

“Hope is the Thing With Feathers” by Emily Dickinson

"Ode to Birdwatching" by Pablo Neruda

To be located at Thelma Gilmur Park

“Dusk In June” by Sara Teasdale*

“Nature is What We See” by Emily Dickinson

“Lost” by David Wagoner

“The Early Bird” by Ted Kooser

"The Swing" by Robert Lewis Stevenson

To be located at Morse Wildlife Preserve

“The Peace of Wild Things” by Wendall Berry*

“Grackles” by Anya Silver

“Wenn etwas mir vom Fenster fallt” by Rainer Maria Rilke

"Go, Ants, Go!" by Carol Murray

"Near the Mountains" by Joseph Bruchac

Example of what the sign will be modeled after. Image from Olympic National Park Poetry Walk.

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